Quality of Life Report (2023)

Quality of Life 2023 Reports

Project Description

The Quality of Life project began in the fall of 2011 seeking a means to increase understanding of communities within the Brooks-Newell Region and the Region as a whole. Grasslands Regional FCSS created a new quality of life survey which collected information within the three sectors of Government, Business and Social. The result was the Grasslands Regional FCSS Quality of Life Survey administered throughout the Brooks-Newell Region in 2013, 2017 and 2022. Survey design, data collection and analyses establish clear linkages between the business, public and social sectors.

Documents produced include Full Reports and Community Profiles/Snapshots which include summaries completed to determine how residents ranked the Importance of the nine quality of life factors compared to the ranking of Satisfaction. The analysis also includes Quality of Place results which measured level of Satisfaction with programs, services and conditions for residents within the region including Bassano.

Useful to: All levels of government, institutions, non-profit organizations and most importantly to the residents in our communities. Results can help inform future planning, supply data for grants, be used to showcase communities, help with FCSS decision making, and inform actions regarding services and programs in Brooks-Newell Region communities and the Region as a whole. The results can also point to the need for further and more in-depth exploration of areas of concern or assets in communities

General Notes

The analysis of the Quality of Life Survey provides information on the Social Sector, Business Sector and Public Sector. None of the areas in which survey residents were not satisfied can easily be resolved by one level of government or one community agency. A multi-sector approach could be helpful when working with the community to identify and resolve outstanding issues that lead to dissatisfaction. There is a role for all sectors to continue building services and programs in the areas that are working well and to examine potential community solutions in areas of concern identified by residents.

Quality of Life Gap Analysis
To complete the Gap Analysis, nine Importance Factors were first identified and then ranked by residents within the three sectors: (1) Health; (2) Education; (3) Personal Well-Being; (4) Physical Environment; (5) Economy and Employment; (6) Sense of Community; (7) Political Rights and General Values; (8) Social Programs and Conditions; and (9) Government. The Rank of Importance was compared to the Rank of Satisfaction within these nine categories to form the basis of the Gap Analysis.

Quality of Place Variable Analysis
Quality of Place may be defined as “the physical characteristics of a community – the way it is planned, designed, developed and maintained – that affect the quality of life of people living and working in it, and those visiting it, both now and into the future”2 . Quality of Place data was collected to further determine the Satisfaction levels within the community using the following World Class Places Quality of Place variables: (i) Building Maintenance; (ii) Retail and Shopping; (iii) Accessible Public Services; (iv) Sports and Leisure Facilities; (v) Green Spaces; (vi) Heritage Structures; (vii) Maintained Streets; (viii) Neighborhood Design; (ix) Transport Routes; and (x) Accessible Arts and Culture.

Individual and Household Health Conditions
Respondents asked if they had one or more Personal or Household Health Condition and/or a Household Social Condition which negatively impacted them.

Overall Satisfaction with Community
Respondents asked the question “Overall, how satisfied are you with your community?”.

Impact of COVID-19 (this question was added for 2022 only)
Respondents asked about the impact of Covid-19 in a number of health and social conditions.

Brooks-Newell Full Report

Quality of Life #3

City of Brooks Full Report

Quality of Life #3

Brooks-Newell Snapshot

Quality of Life #3

City of Brooks Snapshot

Quality of Life #3

County of Newell Snapshot

Quality of Life #3

Town of Bassano Snapshot

Quality of Life #3

Village of Duchess Snapshot

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