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Citizen of the Year

2024 Junior Citizen of the Year

Zan Qi Tian

A Outstanding Community Leader

In a world where genuine leaders are hard to come by, Zan Qi Tian stands out as an example of what it means to lead with compassion, dedication, and a genuine desire to uplift others. Winning the esteemed 2024 Junior Citizen of the Year award is not just a recognition of his achievements – it highlights his outstanding character and commitment to his community.

Born into a family of Chinese immigrants, Zan understands firsthand the challenges faced by newcomers to his community; this understanding has propelled him into a leadership role aimed at providing support and fostering a sense of belonging among new students. Through his volunteer work with the SPEC organization, Zan offers guidance and mentorship to those in need.

What sets Zan apart is not just his innate leadership qualities, but his genuine kindness and drive to make a difference for others . Whether it’s teaching newcomer students how to play the piano or spearheading community events like the “John Ware Fun Run” Zan approaches every endeavor with passion and a desire to make a positive impact. His ability to communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and lead by example has earned him the admiration and respect of his peers and mentors alike.

Zan’s involvement with the John Ware Youth Program further exemplifies his commitment to community service. His creative ideas and thoughtful approach have been instrumental in the success of various projects and events aimed at empowering young people in the community. Even amidst his academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, Zan remains grounded, always showing up with a smile and a willingness to lend a helping hand.

Beyond his impressive academic achievements and leadership roles, Zan’s character shines through in his remarkable patience, positivity, and dedication to excellence.

As Zan continues to pursue his aspirations he serves as an inspiration for young people everywhere. His remarkable journey, marked by empathy, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, truly embodies the essence of a true community leader. Zan Qi Tian is not just Junior Citizen of the Year- he’s a trailblazer, leading by example and making a real difference in his community.

2024 Citizen of the Year

Duane Perkins

A Beacon of Community Spirit

In the heart of Brooks, Alberta, resides a man whose dedication to his community is unmatched. Named the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Citizen of the Year Award, Duane Perkins exemplifies the true spirit of volunteerism and community engagement.

Duane and his wife Janet made Brooks their home in 1980. Since then, Duane has been an integral part of various organizations, starting with the Oilmen’s Association. His commitment to the Association has been unwavering, holding every executive position, from President to Secretary, and spearheading initiatives like the renowned “Oilmen’s LobsterFest,” which has grown into a staple fundraiser for the Oilmen’s Club, drawing over 1000 attendees.

Beyond his involvement with the Oilmen’s Association, Duane’s philanthropic endeavors extend to the local food bank, where he has volunteered since 2015. Known for his hands-on approach and willingness to tackle any task, Duane’s contributions to the food bank have earned him appreciation from both staff and clients alike.

In addition to his volunteer work, Duane’s commitment to community betterment led him to join the city’s Recreation Board in 2019. His proactive approach was evident when he took the initiative to explore the feasibility of constructing a bike park, exemplifying his dedication to turning ideas into reality for the betterment of the region.

Duane’s leadership extends beyond boardrooms and committees. When the Plus 55 Alberta Summer Games sought a chairperson, Duane’s name was the obvious choice. With his characteristic enthusiasm, he led the successful execution of the games, showcasing the Brooks-Newell Region to the province.

In every role he undertakes, Duane embodies the essence of a true volunteer – a go-getter, a doer, and a tireless advocate for his community. His selfless dedication and boundless energy make him a major asset to the Brooks community, earning him the well-deserved title of Citizen of the Year.

Duane Perkins stands as a shining example of what it means to be a volunteer – dedicated, compassionate, and committed to making a difference. His contributions leave an indelible mark on the fabric of Brooks, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and contribute to the greater good.

Thank you to Volunteer Alberta for your support in making the 2024 Citizen of The Year Celebration a success in the Brooks-Newell Region.

join us for the citizen of the year celebration.


The Dinner Celebration will be held on May 3rd, 2024 at the Heritage inn. 

Tickets are $15/person and can be purchased by calling 403-362-4549