2023 Citizen and Junior Citizen of the Year

Grasslands Regional FCSS Society is pleased to announce the 2023 Citizen and Junior Citizen of the Year. 

Citizen of the Year Ross Annett

It is with great admiration that we announce the Citizen of the Year Award recipient is Ross Annett, an accomplished auctioneer who has made outstanding contributions to this area. Ross Annett is a well-known name within the Brooks-Newell Region, but maybe an even better known voice! His iconic voice has been heard echoing through the halls at many community gatherings, where he has volunteered his time and skills for a number of charity auctions for many years. Ross has called the region his home for over 50 years and during this time Ross has proven to be a true leader, always willing to volunteer to lend a helping hand to a wide variety of organizations and people. 

Ross runs the Annett Auction House and dedicates countless hours to many community initiatives and organizations. Ross is a skilled auctioneer who has been a top 10 finalist at the Calgary Stampede over 14 times and holds the title of 2004 Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Champion. His exceptional skills on the auction block are matched only by his generosity and selflessness, making him a beloved figure throughout our area. 

Through Ross’ dedication to serving his community, he has helped raise a significant amount of money for various causes, having his impact felt by many. Ross carries the unique ability to energize a crowd with his warm, humorous personality; the sense of excitement he creates is unmatched and plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of fundraising events. Whether he is lending his voice to the Scandia Pie Auction, Curling Clubs, Food Bank Fundraiser, Fish & Game Fundraiser, or local Agricultural Societies; Ross’ ability to connect with people makes him a valuable asset to any fundraising event he participates in. As stated by one of his many nominators for this award, “His rhythmic voice is the heart of volunteerism in our community”. 

Ross’ hard work and commitment to giving back is a testament to his character and his community contributions are invaluable and truly inspiring. Ross has gone above and beyond in his efforts to make a difference in our communities and his passion for volunteering has been felt by many local organizations. Ross is a passionate supporter of 4H within our region and has been involved for over 45 years. During COVID-19 Ross was an instrumental part of creating a platform for local 4H participants to sell their livestock online, yet another example of how he has gone above and beyond in his efforts to make a difference in the lives of others.  

The irrefutable generosity for which Ross is known serves to inspire others to get involved. He is passionate about engaging youth and providing opportunities for young people to reach their full potential. Ross takes great pride in mentoring youth and it is obvious everyone matters to him in his actions -no one is too young or insignificant to be on his radar! 

As Citizen of the Year, Ross Annett sets an example for all of us. He reminds us that we can all make a difference in our communities and inspire others to do the same. We are honored to recognize Ross’s many accomplishments and thank him for his exceptional service to the community. Congratulations Ross, and thank you for all that you do! 

Junior Citizen of the Year Selma Abdulkadir

It is with great pleasure that we announce Selma Abdulkadir as Junior Citizen of the Year. Selma is a compassionate and well-respected student in Grade 12 at Brooks Composite High School. Selma is someone who works tirelessly to build a strong community and school environment and will go out of her way to be part of the solution to any issue she may see. Selma can often be found dedicating her time to various clubs and initiatives around the school and community. She is a quiet, natural, authentic leader who is never afraid to take the initiative to help others. Her highly motivated personality shows in her commitment to her academics and her desire to improve the community around her.  

Selma is an active member of the BCHS Student Council and Diversity Club, where she also takes responsibility for coordinating the school bulletin board used to educated students on issues and share ideas. Selma was chosen to participate in the Alberta Innovates High School Youth Summer Research Program at the University of Calgary and the ripple effects of this research project were felt throughout the school division. Through her participation she helped create opportunities for staff within the district to address their teaching resources and expand resources to suit the unique student population they teach. Selma has been awarded the opportunity to help present the findings from the research project at the largest education conference in North America, taking place in Chicago. As the child of Immigrant parents, Selma helps to pave the way for students at BCHS, helping create a welcoming, supportive environment for all students.  

Selma has helped create a more equitable environment in her school and this passion carries over to her greater community. Selma has a passion for helping others and this has driven her to seek out roles where she can assist those in need. In the community Selma shares her bilingual skills by volunteering at various non-profits where she has opportunities to assist newcomers in settling in to Canada. She plays an active role with many community organizations and has helped plan events in the city to promote cultural inclusion. Selma’s thirst for knowledge and quick learning style have made her an asset everywhere she goes. The support Selma has offered to the Region has helped create a more welcoming and inclusive community for all of us to call home.  

As stated by one of her nominators “Selma’s kindness, calmness and knowledge are beyond her years; it is rare to meet a young person as mature as her”. The work Selma has done for her school and community is to be admired and celebrated and those around her will be forever grateful for her contributions. Her kind smile is remembered everywhere she goes, she truly exemplifies the best we can wish for our youth.  

It is always inspiring to see a young person like Selma taking an active role in making positive, impactful changes in our communities. We hope that Selma’s example will inspire others to get involved in volunteer work and community service and we know she will continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of those around her. We are honored to recognize Selma Abdulkadir as Junior Citizen of the Year 2023. Congratulations Selma, thank you for being all you do in our communities and we wish you success in all of your future endeavours!